Founded in 2009, our success is due to our focus on building strong relationships with our clients and vendors, nurturing our commitment to service and our passion for a quality product with lasting results.

We take a consultative approach to each project, working to understand what is important to our clients and tailoring solutions that insure long term satisfaction.  This means we’ll be asking a lot of questions, and may even assign required reading – technical manuals are interesting, right?

From the smallest tenant improvement all the way up to newly constructed, multi-building assisted living facilities, with coffee shops, corporate offices, fitnesses  facilities and restaurants in between, there’s not a segment of the commercial flooring market we haven’t served.  Our team has a combined 30 years of experience in commercial flooring – we’ve seen what works, and more importantly what doesn’t.

·         Need a custom solution that makes your facility stand out?

·         Tight timeline?

·         Is budget a concern?

Let us help guide you through the process.  We understand that a facility’s floor takes more abuse than any other finish, so let us bring our knowledge of the latest technologies and installation methods to help tailor a solution that meets your needs.